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Project SEED to begin three-year study of Taiwanese civic literacy,

The SEED (Social justice, Education Equity, and Diversity) project, an international research collaboration between the Northern Illinois University USA and National Sun Yat-sen University Taiwan, is to conduct a series of collaborative research projects on civic literacy and civic efficacy as mediated by issues relevant to social justice, education equity, and diversity. The study goals, through onsite community-based action research, panel discussions, classroom participation, workshops, and weekend cultural tours, are as follows:
1. Generate knowledge about the development of civic knowledge and skills, and attitude towards civic literacy and efficacy in Taiwan for research and development of civic engagement in Language, Social Science, and Science learning.
2. Disseminate knowledge and information to increase the awareness about how the perceived social justice, education equity, and diversity, influence feelings of civic literacy and civic efficacy.
3. Promote awareness of social justice, equity, and diversity by creating a series of instructional modules that integrate civic engagement issues into Language, Social Science, and Science learning.

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